HHMI Teaching Fellows

Program Description

The HHMI Teaching Fellows Program at Yale is an exciting opportunity for graduate students and postdocs to develop innovative, effective ways to teach biology. Each participant develops, teaches, evaluates, and disseminates instructional materials in biology. The program introduces participants to scientific teaching and how to apply it directly in the classroom. It trains future faculty, current graduate students and postdocs in the life sciences to become scientific teachers.

Fall semester: Participants meet in weekly 2-hour sessions to learn about scientific teaching and develop instructional materials for a biology course at Yale.

Spring Semester: Participants teach their instructional materials in an introductory biology course at Yale, evaluate student learning, and disseminate their materials.

For more information about the classroom teaching program, email Dr. Jennifer Frederick, jennifer.frederick@yale.edu.

The Teaching Fellows Year


  • "Teaching Biology"
  • Instructional Materials Development I


  • Instructional Materials Development II
  • Classroom teaching experience